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VFW Post 11447 - Paul P. Busek Bataan Memorial Monument
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11447, Subic Bay, Philippines
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VFW Post 11447: Minutes of August 2015 Meeting

OPENING CEREMONIES: Commander Verville called the meeting to order at 1000 hours, 12 August. Opening ceremonies were held according to VFW Ritual. Fifteen Post 11447 members were present.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: The Roll Call was taken by Adjutant Burnett. Seven Officers were present, 4 absent (2 excused).

NEW RECRUITS: Three new recruits. Adjutant read the application and made a motion for the members to approve the applications of Delfin Eblacas (Vietnam Veteran); Richard McClure (Vietnam Veteran) and Terrance Michalski (Vietnam Veteran), seconded by Comrade Best. Motion carried. Welcome aboard Comrades.


MINUTES: Commander asked if the minutes from the previous meeting had been posted. The Adjutant said that a copy of the minutes were posted on the bulletin board and sent to members via email, also posted on our websites. There were no changes to the minutes. The Adjutant made the motion to accept the minutes as posted, seconded by Comrade Best, motion carried.

QUARTERMASTER REPORT: QM Burnett presented the report and made the motion to accept the report as presented. Seconded by Comrade Best, motion carried. The report is on file, see the QM if you would like to see the entire report.

SERVICE OFFICER REPORT: Commander reported the deaths of Life member James W. Gillis (aka "Doc Hooyah") and non VFW member Mark Umprey. The VFW will perform a Memorial Service for Comrade Gillis on 21 Aug (who died in Japan) and a burial service for Mark Umprey. Mark Umprey's cremation costs were mostly paid through donations. The Returned and Services League (RSL) of Australia (P10000) and Special Forces Association (P24000) and others. He will be buried at Clark Cemetery on 13 Aug. (the service was performed by Post, with assistance of FRA members and RSL members in attendance. VA Outreach will be held on the 20th of Aug at the Post home, followed by a Survivor Seminar given by Commander Verville.

The Commander said that he planning another "Survivor Package" seminar in August.

SURGEON'S REPORT: Dental Outreach will be held on 6 Sep at the Barangay hall in Barretto. Would like to see members there to assist or show their presence. Please wear a VFW hat and/or shirt.

COMRADE OR FAMILY MEMBER IN DISTRESS: Comrade Alvarez's wife is in the hospital, she has cancer and is not doing well.

PUP TENT 11: Seam Squirrel reported that they had a LOUSY Scratch. Donations from the Pup Tent and individual Cooties were received for the new A/C (see for Good of the Order). Cooties had approved a motion for the Pup Tent’s share of the 50/50 and fines be donated to the Post to help pay for the A/C. Donations collected at the Scratch (including the 50/50, P1300) was P6300.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: QM Burnett gave the report. This report has been updated since the meeting.

382 6 18 5 407 411 100.98

Four new life members were signed up using the $400 we received from DPA. Each new member received $100 towards the membership cost.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: A field trip is being planned for September.


POST HOUSE/BUILDING COMMITTEE: A new TV was donated by Comrades Jerry Williams and Bob Palmer for the back room, much bigger than the one we have in the bar area.Thank you Jerry and Bob.

HOSPITAL/HOME VISITS BY POST MEMBERS: CDR gave the report for JULY visits. 45 members made 30 visits to see 73 vets, spent 176 hours in visits, traveled 2962 miles and gave $175 in gifts. Total credited for JULY was $4570. Commander said that the Sunshine Cart is doing well. The cart is used on Friday nights, starting at 7:30PM at Baypointe Hospital. We meet at the Out-Patient Dept (OPD) on the second floor. If you can spare an hour or two, it would be greatly appreciated.

BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN: Buddy Poppy donations were P510 ($11).

VFW NATIONAL HOME FOR CHILDREN: Commander asked the Chaplain to say a prayer for our National Home for Children.




SVC Moran made a motion for the Post’s share of the 50/50 be donated towards the purchase price of the new A/C. Seconded by Comrade Simms. Motion approved.


VFW Action Corp Weekly had article concerning the "Blue Water Navy" bill. The Senate version is Senate Bill S-681 with 21 co-sponsors and in the House, Bill HR 969.with 265 co-sponsors. You can sign up for the Action Corp Weekly on the VFW website:

The Military Order of the Cooties is looking for new members. The MOC is the fun side of the VFW. To find out if you are qualified to join see any Cootie for assistance. Cootie Burnett is usually at the VFW five days a week (not there on Wed or Sundays) between 3 and 6pm. He can assist you.

The Air Conditioner in the front room of the VFW finally kicked the dust after years of service. The cost of the Unit was P61000 ($1355). To help pay for the unit, donations were requested and the Post was going to pay the remainder (if any). Thankfully the membership provided nearly all of the cost of the unit. Individual members, the Post and PT donated P28200; we got P4000 for junk and a member who wished not to be identified donated $670. Thank you for your donations.

Building Fund Blocks Project is still open for purchase. P2500 for Silver Block and P5000 for Gold. See the Commander or QM if you would like to purchase a block.

Fifty/fifty: The 50/50 was P2700, P1350 to the Post and P1350 to the winner.

Calendar of Events:

Cootie Scratch at 1400, 2 Sep.

American Legion Post 4 meeting on 13 Sep at 1300.

FRA San Antonio: BOD 26AUG at 1000, GMM 4 Sep at 1100

POW/MIA Day Ceremony at AL Post 4, 18 Sep.

CLOSING CEREMONIES: The Charter was draped in memory of Doc Gillis. It will remain draped for 30 days. Closing Ceremonies were held according to Ritual and the meeting was adjourned at 1045. The next GMM will be held 9 Sep at 1000 hours at the Post Home.

Michael R. Verville

Tom Burnett
August 26, 2015