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VFW Post 11447 - Paul P. Busek Bataan Memorial Monument
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11447, Subic Bay, Philippines
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The Building Fund

The building fund only has one purpose and this Fund can ONLY be used to purchase land and/or a building. In an effort to get the average person to send what they can, we are offering post items of memorabilia for certain levels of donations received. We will expand this if it shows promise. We are only starting with the one item listed below.

VFW Post 11447 Building Fund Program

Members of the Post have decided to create a Post Home which will be purchased through "donations". This will be a Post Home wholly-owned by the members of Post 11447 and its supporters. Any donation, regardless of the amount, will be acknowledged. However, to have your name or organization recorded on the new Post's "Plank Owner's Plaque" to be mounted at the Post Home, you need to donate a minimum of $100.00. Our objective is to provide you with a place you can be proud of.

Donations from out of our local area can be mailed to the Post Commander or the Post Quartermaster at:

VFW Post 11447 Building Fund, PSC 517 Box RS FPO AP 96517-1000 Again, any amount will be greatly appreciated. And so everyone will know what money is in the "Post Home Building Fund", this will be recorded in the Monthly Meeting Minutes.

For a Donation of $4 we will send you one(1) of Our Post Pins. $4 US Dollars plus $1 shipping for a total of $5.
Please send to:
Post Commander Building Fund
PSC 517 Box RS
FPO AP 96517
Post Pin

Here is the List of Current Plank Owners as of September 30, 2008
  • VFW Post 727/PT 11 Members Taiwan ($1000)
  • Dave Teets
  • Dan Burns*
  • George Taylor
  • Gary Hudson
  • Wilson Massey
  • Thomas J. Carlozzi
  • Jorge Flores
  • Clifford A. Haviland
  • Lynn Miller
  • Jack J. McDonald*
  • Dan Lyons
  • Chuck Garret
  • Charlie Brown
  • John Frey*
  • Ed Ottenberg
  • O. B.
  • Jerry Bristle
  • Scott Ludwig
  • Bill Smith
  • Dennis Doty
  • Michael (Big Mike)Best
  • R. Connor
  • Buzz Bronson*
  • Charles H. DeMorse*
  • Gene Gann*
  • James F. Flaherty
  • Jim Billman*
  • Jim Correll
  • Artie Moore
  • Dale C. Farley
  • Keith I. Walter
  • James R. Inskeep
  • Cliff Wilsey
  • Robert A. Harris
  • James Capps
  • Mac McCallum
  • Michael D. Setzer
  • John Butt*
  • Charles Haynes
  • Leslie Carter
  • John J. McDonald, Jr.
  • R. (SKI) Malkovich
  • John Plain
  • Jerry O'Connor
  • Laurence Lyons
  • Herb Allen
  • Rich Truax
  • Frank J. Sass
  • Weng Alfonso
  • Lee Andersen
  • Maylyn M. Harris
  • Floyd E. Heidner
  • Robert C. Koeppen
  • Thomas Braun
  • Jerry Trimm*
  • Don O'Shea*
  • Walter Gibson
  • Thomas R. Burnett
  • Orville Humfleet
  • Fain Boruff
  • Damon Webb
  • A.W. Rogers
  • Robert Fites
  • Don West
  • Jerry& Lory Prowant
We would also like to recognize our contributors of 50$ or more .
  • Tom Burnett
  • Jerry Trimm
  • Ken Mills
  • Steve Davis
  • Harold D. Slagle
  • Art Smith
  • Vickie
  • Ken Schaefer
  • Tom Jones
  * Deceased