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VFW Post 11447 - Paul P. Busek Bataan Memorial Monument
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11447, Subic Bay, Philippines
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VFW Post 11447: Minutes of February 2015 Meeting

OPENING CEREMONIES: Commander Verville called the meeting to order at 1000 hours, 11 FEB. Opening ceremonies were held according to VFW Ritual. Twenty three Post 11447 members were present.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: The Roll Call was taken by Adjutant Burnett. Nine Officers were present and three absent.



MINUTES: Commander asked if the minutes from the previous meeting had been posted. The Adjutant said that a copy of the minutes were posted on the bulletin board and sent to members via email, and also posted on our websites. The Adjutant made the motion to accept the minutes as posted, seconded by Comrade Best, motion carried.

QUARTERMASTER REPORT: Commander called for the report of the Quartermaster:

QM Burnett presented the report and made the motion to accept the report as audited. Seconded by Comrade Best, motion carried. The report is on file, see the QM if you would like to see the entire report.

The decrease in Post General Funds was due to money being used to purchase drinks, food and miscellaneous items for the Beach Bash. Financial report of the Beach Bash is not available at this time, waiting for final receipts. Special thanks to all the sponsors.



COMRADE OR FAMILY MEMBER IN DISTRESS: Comrade Marshall may be back in March. SVC Moran and his wife Carol are back home.

PUP TENT 11: Seam Squirrel reported that they had a LOUSY Scratch! Initiated two new recruits, Atoms Dave Niemela and Dan Wilson, they are now Cooties. Nominations were opened for new Shavetails (officers) for the 2015-16 term, elections and installation of new Shavetails will be held at the March Scratch (meeting).


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: QM Burnett gave the report.

376 3 10 3 407 392 96.56



BEACH BASH COMMITTEE: The event was a huge success with a lot of visitors from all Posts in the Philippines attending, including Department Officers. Members from all the Veteran groups (FRA, A/L, VVA, RSL), in the area also attended, and many provided sponsorships. A large number of visitors and members from CONUS and other countries attended. Comrade Sorensen donated $300 to rent a bigger stage for the event which gave a larger surface area for the performers to perform and its elevated height allowed even the guests sitting far in the back the ability to see. Thank you Doug for your donation. Would also like to thank all the other Sponsors, members and non-members and businesses for their assistance.

POST HOUSE/BUILDING COMMITTEE: Inventories were completed. The Post Canteen is doing well, able to pay all bills and still had funds available at the end of the month. Would like to see more member participation at the Canteen. The menu is always changing and improving.

HOSPITAL/HOME VISITS BY POST MEMBERS: CDR Verville gave the report for Jan visits. We had 38 visits by 44 members to see 61 vets, spent 168 hours in visits, traveled 1428 miles. Total credited for Jan was $4007.92.

BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN: Buddy Poppy donations were P819 ($19).

VFW NATIONAL HOME FOR CHILDREN: Commander asked the Chaplain to say a prayer for our National Home for Children.




The Commander said that the Barangay Captain is requesting assistance from businesses and organizations to help pay for road improvements (fix pot holes, etc) throughout the Barangay. The Commander asked for a motion to help the Barangay. Motion was made by the Adjutant to provided a donation not to exceed P1500 ($34) to the Barangay. Motion seconded by Comrade Doty and approved.


Commander made some comments about the RAO, which included the mail runs, finance report, no access for some non-RAO members to speak to staff concerning VA visits and other matters. He said that the American Legion and FRA voiced similar concerns. During open discussion, it was suggested that the RAO post a finance report as was done in the past. Since this is a membership organization, the members should have more say in what the RAO is doing and services provided. A town hall meeting could be held a couple times a year. They had been held in past years but not recently. The Commander said that if anyone has concerns with the RAO they should talk to the RAO Director.

Commander is going to the states to visit his father, who has cancer, will be gone for approximately 10 -12 days.

VA outreach to be held at the Post home 26 Feb. (Note: There was a good turnout at the event).

Elections for Post Officers are to be held in April. Nomination will be opened at the March meeting.

Comrade Rowe said that Daniela's Inn next to VFW Post 2485 is an excellent place to stay, with reasonable prices and provides a discount to VFW members (must show membership card).

Comrade Sorensen introduced himself and said that he would like to donate $1,500 to the Post to use where needed. Thank you Doug for your donations.

Adjutant said that if anyone would like him to change their FPO address at the VFW HQ’s to include their new box numbers, let him know.

Fifty/fifty: The 50/50 was won by Comrade Simms who donated his share (P1325) to the VFW. A total of P2650 was collected. Thank you Scott.

Calendar of Events:

Cootie Scratch at 1400, 5 March.

FRA FRALICS to be held 10-12 April with the Chili Cook-off on 11 April.

U.S. EMBASSY OUTREACH: ACS, SSA, VA and the USCIS will be at the outreach which will be held at the Mansion Garden Hotel, located on the corner of Dewey Avenue and Bonifacio St; this is near the Spanish Gate area. Hours 8-11a.m., get there early to register. Flyer is attached.

CLOSING CEREMONIES: Closing Ceremonies were held according to Ritual and the meeting was adjourned at 1058 hours. The next GMM will be held 11 Mar 2015 at 1000 hours at the Post Home.

Michael R. Verville

Tom Burnett
18 February 2015