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VFW Post 11447: Minutes of January 2019 Meeting

OPENING CEREMONIES:The Commander called the meeting to order at 1000 hours, 9 JAN 2019. Opening ceremonies were held according to VFW Ritual. Nineteen members were present.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS:Roll call was taken of officers; eight Officers were present, three absent, 1 excused.

NEW RECRUITS:The Commander asked if there were any new recruits. The Adjutant reported two (2) new recruits.

Idencio, Johnnie I, USN/VET VN 09/66-09/68 LM

Herrera, Dean A, USAF/RET KS 04/74-12/94 LM

Both are qualify for membership in our Post. Adj made the motion for both members to be approved for membership, seconded by John Corbin. Motion approved.

MINUTES:Commander asked if the minutes from the previous meeting had been posted. The minutes were posted and emailed to members. No changes were made. Motion was made for the minutes to be approved as posted and seconded by Comrade Corbin. Motion approved.


QUARTERMASTER REPORT: Commander called for the report of the Quartermaster:

The QM gave his report. The report had not been audited. Motion to approve the report as presented pending audit.


SURGEON'S REPORT:The Post will be coordinating with the local RSL to join with them in conducting a Dental Outreach this year.

COMRADE OR FAMILY MEMBER IN DISTRESS:Comrade Corbin has been released from the hospital and resting at home. Comrade Hilliard, COPD (lungs), currently in the hospital. Hopes to be released from the hospital and resting at home in about a week; Comrades Langan and Ed Spears still resting at home. Ed is looking better.

PUP TENT 11:We had a LOUSY SCRATCH; The GBL will be placed in Canteen on top of the refrigerator (with chain and lock). The Pup Tent is doing great with its Hospital Reports.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: QM Burnett gave the report.

517 6 8 3 483 520 110.55
L - Life
N - New
A - Annual
R - Reinstated
L Y - Last Year
T - Total

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:The children had a great Christmas party will Santa Claus and gifts. Thank you to all who participated.

WEBSITE:Updates ongoing.

POST HOUSE/BUILDING COMMITTEE:A/C repairs ongoing and looking for a new unit.

HOSPITAL/HOME VISITS BY POST MEMBERS:8 VFW members made 8 visits, saw 5Vets, (0 burials, 4 home visits, and 1 hosp visits), spent 28 hours in visits/travel, and travel 50 miles. Total: $686.00

BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN:Buddy Poppy donations were P580 ($11.15).

Commander asked the Chaplain to say a prayer for our National Home for Children

Unfinished Business

Nominations were reopened for the position of Trustee. Comrade Alvarado was nominated at last meeting. Comrade Barry Larson was nominated and nominations were closed. A vote by members present was done and Comrade Larson was elected

New Business

Comrade Tom Wickes has placed an application to join the Military Order of the Cooties. Rules required the approval of the Post before he can join the MOC. Qualifications of Comrade Wicks, member FRA 367 (Vice President); active member 11447, played Santa Clause this year, attends Post burials and assists the FRA in doing the two bell ceremony. Motion was made by Comrade Vatter for the Post to approve his membership application and seconded by Seam Squirrel Wilson. A vote was taken and Comrade Wickes was approved for membership in the MOC.

The members voted on a motion by the Commander to move the date of next year’s Beach Bash back to July as it was several years ago to coincide with our 4th of July Fil/Am Friendship day.

The Post is exploring the possibility of hosting the 2020 DPA Convention. At our March meeting we will discuss the pros and cons about it, follow by a vote by the membership.

For The Good Of The Order

The RAO will have a person, starting 18 Jan, to assist members with their taxes.

The Silver (P2500) and Gold (P5000) wall plates are still on sale.

The 50/50 was P4300, P2150 to John Corbin and P2150 to the Post.

The towing of vehicles on the National Hwy in front of the VFW has resumed. New signs are supposed to be posted. Soon Jeepney and busses will only be allowed to stop at designated areas. A copy of parking notice was emailed to members 8 JAN.

Beach Bash 2019. The BB will be held at the Midnite Rambler in Brgy Barretto 8-10 Feb. A meeting was held following today’s meeting.

Mike Verville won the College Football final and Don Robbins won second place.

CLOSING CEREMONIES:The Charter was draped for departed Comrade Roger Bynum. Closing Ceremonies were held according to Ritual and the meeting was adjourned at 10:55. The next GMM will be held 13 FEB 2019 at 1000 hours.


Don Robbins

Tom Burnett

9 January 2019