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VFW Post 11447: Minutes of the JULY 2017 Meeting

OPENING CEREMONIES: The Commander called the meeting to order at 1000 hours,12 JUL 2017. Opening ceremonies were held according to VFW Ritual. Fifteen 11447 members were present.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Roll call was taken of officers, twelve Officers were present.

NEW RECRUITS: The Commander asked if there were any new recruits. Adjutant said there were two recruits. The first is Daniel J. Cuhel, a Desert Shield/Storm veteran. The second recruit is Jerry D. Azurin, another Desert Shield/Storm veteran. Both recruits are qualified to join the VFW. Adjutant made the motion that Comrades Cuhel and Azurin request be approved, seconded by Comrade Corbin, motion carried.

MINUTES: Commander asked if the minutes from the previous meeting had been posted. The Adjutant said that the minutes were posted and placed on the website. One change was made. Date of June VFW Convention was incorrect, correct date is 11-15 June. Motion was made by the Adjutant to approve the minutes as corrected and posted. Seconded by Comrade Rowe. Motion approved.


QUARTERMASTER REPORT: Commander called for the report of the Quartermaster:

QM Burnett presented the report and made the motion to accept the report as audited. Seconded by Comrade Verville, motion carried.

SERVICE OFFICER REPORT: Mike Best is at home but currently confined to bed. Burial service for Greg Terry is scheduled for 25 July at Clark.

SURGEON'S REPORT: The Dental Outreach will be held in Brgy San Isidro, Subic., Aug/Sep timeframe.

COMRADE OR FAMILY MEMBER IN DISTRESS: Comrade Moberg has some problems with his hips.

PUP TENT 11: The Seam Squirrel reported that they had a LOUSY SCRATCH. During a previous Scratch the language use was Spanish, was interesting since most of the Cooties only knew a few words of the language and could not say a sentence.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: QM Burnett gave the report.

439 4 24 1 467 468 100.21
L - Life
N - New
A - Annual
R - Reinstated
L Y - Last Year
T - Total

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: School registration was paid and school supplies were given to the students

WEBSITE: Updates being made (slowly).

POST HOUSE/BUILDING COMMITTEE: : Meeting was held and routine business discussed. A shield needs to be put around the a/c condenser to direct the heat away from the tables on the patio. Comrade Verville said he would try to find some good combo locks for the Canteen front door while in the States. The Philippine Executive Order #26 regarding smoking was discussed. The decision was made that the Post would wait to see what kind of guidance/implementation will be provided by the city and Barangay.

HOSPITAL/HOME VISITS BY POST MEMBERS:: Chairman gave the report for JUN visits. 29 members made 5 visits, saw 5 patients, spent 116 hours in visits and travel 1372 miles, Gifts $509. Total for JUN $3316.68.

BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN: Buddy Poppy donations were P540 ($10.80). Commander asked the Chaplain to say a prayer for our National Home for Children.

Unfinished Business

Adjutant said that the 10K php voted on at the last meeting for tent repair was given to the FRA.

New Business

Comrade Verville went over the guidelines for the use of the Relief Fund, not to be used for moving, paying rent, etc. The Relief Fund is to only be use for the situations listed in the ritual book. The Top 3 Post Officers must approved all use/disbursement of relief funds before disbursement by the QM.

For The Good Of The Order

50/50 was won by Comrade Wright who received P2100. He put his share on the bar. Total was P4200.

Post 4 American Legion, Olongapo will be hosting POW/MIA Day Sept 15 at their Post. This is their big fund raiser for the year so maximum VFW attendance will be appreciated.

CLOSING CEREMONIES: Closing Ceremonies were held according to Ritual and the meeting was adjourned at 10:55. The Charter was undraped. The next GMM will be held 8 Mar at 1000 hours at the Post Home.


James F. Roger

Tom Burnett

12 JUL 2017