Kuripots Pup Tent Meetings

Minutes of Meeting July 2017

Scratch held on 6 JUL 2017 at VFW 11447 Post Home

Scratch was called to order at 1401. There were 11 Pup Tent11 Cooties at the Scratch.

Opening ceremonies IAW MOC Rituals.

Roll call was held: 8 Shavetails were in attendance, 1 absent

Visitors of note:PT15 Cootie Tom Aldrich

SS asked if there were any new member applications: HC said no application.

SS asked if there was Degree Work to be completed: No degree work.

SS asked if the minutes from the last Scratch had been posted: Hungry Cootie said that the Minutes for the JUN Scratch were posted at the Post home. No changes have been received. Motion to accept minutes as posted seconded by Cootie #62, Cootie # 61 made the motion. No discussion. Motion carried

SS asked for report of the Hungry Cootie: NTR

SS asked for reading of official and other communications: No communications

SS asked if there was a Cootie or family of a Cootie in distress: Cootie No. 65 still resting at home. Sleeping most of the time.

SS asked for the report of the CCDB: Report was given in detail. Cootie # 62 seconded a motion to accept the report as presented. Motion made by Cootie # 61. Motion carried. Cash and Bank total was $861.72, cash in the General Fund $-230.09 and in the Hospital Fund $1091.81 as of 1 JUL 2017.


Membership:As of 30 JUN we have 16 Life and 15 Annuals for a total of 31 active Coots. Annual 2018 dues can be paid if you haven’t done so see the CCDB.

National Home Prayer: Delivered by the Sky Pilot.

p>Hospital Chairman Report: Chairman gave the report for JUN visits. 29 members made 5 visits, saw 5 patients, spent 116 hours in visits, gifts/expenses $508.80 and travel 1372 miles. Total: $3316.68.

p>Scholarship Kids: NTR

Unfinished Business


New Business

All Cooties desiring a loan from the Relief Fund must be for authorized conditions, i.e. family assistance, medical reasons, aid to veterans, and other reasons as listed in the Manual for Procedures, article 219. The Commander will authorize loans with concurrence from two other officers and authorize the CCDB to disburse funds. In the absence of the Commander, the Senior Vice can authorize loans with assistance from other officers and CCDB Only one loan per year per member.

Good of the Scratch:

Still looking for VFW members to join the Cootie Swarm.

All Cooties should become National Home and Paddy Daddy life members. You can find info in the ROF and Typhoon. Also a RED STAR Life Member ($100 plus LM dues if a annual member). Any questions see the Seam Squirrel or CCDB.

50/50 Winner Cootie #88, total was P2340, P1170 to the winner.

Fines collected: P510. Buddy Poppies: P400

Closing of the Scratch was done IAW Ritual.

Scratch closed at 1510. Next Scratch will be held at 1400, 3 AUG at the Post home (subject to change).


Scott Simms
Seam Squirrel

Tom Burnett
Hungry Cootie

July 22, 2017