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VFW Post 11447: Minutes of September 2018 Meeting

OPENING CEREMONIES: The Commander called the meeting to order at 1000 hours, 12 SEP 2018. Opening ceremonies were held according to VFW Ritual. Twenty two members were present.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Roll call was taken of officers; twelve Officers were present, one absent, not excused.

NEW RECRUITS: The Commander asked if there were any new recruits. The Adjutant reported one new recruit and two members who want to transfer. Recruit Robert C. Taylor, born 2 JUL 56, qualifying Foreign Service: Global War on Terrorism, served in Kuwait. Member USN, 22 FEB 75 to 28 FEB 2002. Jon J. Thies, member Post 3270 wants to xfer to 11447. Jon is a Life member. Ricky L. Waite, Member Post 3039 wants to xfer to our Post. Ricky is a Life Member. All three are qualify for membership in our Post. Adj made the motion for all 3 members to be approved for membership, seconded by Dave Niemela. Motion approved.

MINUTES: Commander asked if the minutes from the previous meeting had been posted. The minutes were posted and emailed to members. No changes were made. Motion was made for the minutes to be approved as posted and seconded by Comrade Corbin. Motion approved.

DISTINGUISHED GUESTS: DPA Commander Michael Verville, also the Post Service Officer was present.

QUARTERMASTER REPORT: Commander called for the report of the Quartermaster:

The QM gave his report, which was audited by the Trustees prior to the meeting. The QM made the motion for the report to be approved as presented and audited. Seconded by Comrade Wilson.

One year advance rent for the front area of the Post home was paid out of the General Fund.

SERVICE OFFICER REPORT: Comrade Simms died on 29 AUG. The Post held a service for him prior to his cremation on 1 SEP. A MOC Cootie Burial Service was held for him at the Clark Veterans Cemetery on 6 SEP. Cooties from Pup Tents 11, 15 and 7 attended as well as other VFW members and guests. Scott will be missed.

SURGEON'S REPORT: Still looking for a Barangay or town for the Dental Outreach to be held.

COMRADE OR FAMILY MEMBER IN DISTRESS: Comrades Greg Langhan and Ed Spears resting at home. (Note: Ed Spears visited the VFW last week for a short while, looking much better than he did on his last visit, was in good humor).

PUP TENT 11: Had another Lousy Scratch. Past Seam Squirrel Simms was buried. The Pup Tent is taking orders for new MOC shirts being made in Korea, see PT Cdr Wilson.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: National has not released the figures yet for membership report

483 4 4 0 483 491 101.65
L - Life
N - New
A - Annual
R - Reinstated
L Y - Last Year
T - Total

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Students are in school, but missing a lot of days due to heavy rains and flooding.

WEBSITE: Updates ongoing.

POST HOUSE/BUILDING COMMITTEE: Need to remove rocks/stones from area out front of the building. The stones need to be covered by cement to make walking in the area safer. A tarp is to be installed in area of front door to keep water from getting inside and protect smokers and persons wanting to stand outside from rain and sun still waiting for status of our front wall from construction supervisors. Widening of the national Hiway is still ongoing but on the other side of the road.

HOSPITAL/HOME VISITS BY POST MEMBERS: Chairman gave the report for AUG visits. 82 VFW members made 11 visits, saw 11 Vets, (3 burials, 5 home visits, and 3 hosp visit), spent 296 hours in visits, gifts $60 and travel 5908 miles. Total: $7581.92.

BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN: Buddy Poppy donations were P620 ($12.16).

Commander asked the Chaplain to say a prayer for our National Home for Children.


Unfinished Business


New Business

Motion was made for the expenditures of $250 be approved for the 5 awards to be submitted by each Post, i.e. Teachers Award; Voice of Democracy; Patriot Pen; National Home; and Military Service Programs. Motion was approved.

For The Good Of The Order

POW/MIA raffle tickets are on sale. POW/MIA service will be held at American Legion Post 4, Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo on 21 SEP.

DPA Cdr Verville will pay for the repairs made recently to the TV in the meeting room.

The Post needs to get and hang a new VFW sign on the front wall. The old sign is too large and repairs are needed.

The Silver (P2500) and Gold (P5000) wall plates are still on sale.

The 50/50 was P4300, P2150 to Comrade Niemela and P2150 to the Post.

Charter draped in memory of Comrades Simms, Gery and Fantone

CLOSING CEREMONIES: Closing Ceremonies were held according to Ritual and the meeting was adjourned at 10:55. The next GMM will be held 19 OCT 2018 at 1000 hours.


Don Robbins

Tom Burnett

12 September 2018