Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States , Post 11447 has a Scholarship Program for indigent children from 1st Grade to 4th Year high school. Our goals are to provide funding and administration of a program to pay for all fees necessary for a child to attend public school, and to enable indigent children to participate in the learning experience - fully prepared with all materials and supplies required to blend in with the other students. This community project started in 1997 with 30 children and was planned for indefinite continuation. We now have 50+ children in the Program. Post policy sets a goal that the students are to be Amerasian. Participants must meet the criteria of low- income circumstance, borne out by an investigation of the family economic situation -- including total family income, living conditions and number of members in household. No child is discriminated against for reasons of race, religion and or parental occupation.

Funding is provided through a yearly budgeted appropriation from the General Fund of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11447. Funds for this specific purpose are raised through proceeds from the Annual Barrio Beach Bash Celebration and the donations of members.

School Year starts in June and ends in April. The Scholar Kids pick up their school supplies a week before school starts. A master list is given to those schools involved and school fees will be paid before the school year is over. Activities such as the Annual Christmas Party, Grand Parade, and field trip are organized by the Coordinator of the program and V.F.W. members.

Since the Barrio Beach Bash is the major fundraiser for this program, Scholar Kids are invited to attend the Grand Parade and childrens events held at the beach. We provide free t-shirts to acknowledge them as the Scholar Kids, and refreshments are provided to all attendees. This is another way to make them feel welcome.

Before the end of the school year, a field trip is planned and sponsored by some of the Posts members and friends. Scholar Kids are always looking forward to this, since most of them haven't been anywhere but at home. The looks on their faces always make the members happy and proud that they have this community project dedicated to making a difference in every Scholars' life. God Bless!

These are the 70+ students included in the V.F.W. Scholarship Program for School Year 2015-2016.

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