What is a Pakistani Bunkebab?


Bun kebab refers to a bread dish of Middle Eastern origin. Although the translation of the name is similar to that of “bun” (Arabic), it is actually a dish prepared with meat. The meat used is usually cooked in a special style called “pakka” or “batman”. The bread is rolled in a puff pastry and then dipped into batter and fried in hot oil.

Bun kebab

This delicious Middle Eastern delicacy is popular all across the Indian subcontinent, though it is now also available all around the developing world. Bun kebab is a signature dish in Pakistani urban areas such as Karachi and Lahore, where it is a fast favourite. In India, however, it is also gaining popularity among the masses – here it is called “Roti Bun”. A slightly modified version of this dish is also gaining immense popularity in the West as well, so much so that it has been incorporated into many popular fast food chains, such as Mc Donald’s.

In fact, the similarities between the English version of bun kebab and that of Pakistanis’ favorite sandwich are numerous. Both consist of a thin flat bread, usually white in colour, and a patty which are filled with either beef or lamb meat. Typically, the patty is made from whole wheat flour, though certain types are made of wheat pasty or even potato flour.

What differentiates the English version of this tasty treat is the addition of vegetables and ingredients. In Pakistan, however, the recipe for burger bun kebab consists of ground beef, peeled tomatoes and onions, green chili, and sometimes garlic. Some people also add potatoes and onions to the patty before frying it in vegetable oil. Another method of preparing the sandwich is to cook the patties in oil until they are lightly brown on all sides. Then, add vegetables and a dash of lemon juice to the mix.

The word “kebab” means “to cook” in Arabic, so “burger bun kebab” is simply a shortened version of that word. In Pakistan, this tasty street food sandwiches are most often served at mealtimes during the month of Ramadan, when family and friends gather to share meals. At night, they disperse the cooked meat over the meal’s participants and enjoy it together. Although Muslims forbid eating meat on Sunray, Eid and other special occasions, Muslims in Pakistan like to have meat kebabs at these special occasions.

There are two different styles of preparation of the Pakistanis’ favorite breads – flatbreads and data. A flatbread is round and made from chick peas and rice. They are also called “towas” or “entaubs”. Tawa is a thin pancake-like bread that is filled with either beef lamb or chicken. Although bun kebabs originated in and around Pakistan, there are now many restaurants all over America that are specializing in this tasty snack.

A bundle is a small, sweet round bun that is deep fried and served with tawa. It can even be filled with fruit. In addition to being delicious, patty, which is the name of this sandwich, is also a type of flatbread. A variation of the patty is the so-called “butter bun kebab”, which has no lard or butter and is instead made with mayonnaise or yogurt, mixed together.

Pakistanis love eating fast-food and the country is so popular with fast-food chains that most of them have their own restaurants. Some of the more popular ones are chains like McDonald’s and KFC. Although many people would say that there is nothing wrong with these kinds of food, I beg to disagree. If you want to experience a wonderful snack that you can make at home with the family, I encourage you to check out any of the recipes available on the internet, including my favourite, the authentic Pakistani bun kebab.